From the recording Vanessa, the Private Life


Vanessa, the Private Life

And so it goes, the world turns around
Almost past understanding
Outside you feel the wheels coming down
Here’s to your happy landing

Vanessa, I belong
To a world where all the good is gone
Leaving me with just a song
To save me, save me from

The private life and all of the pain
(I light a candle to believe in something more than the night)
I don’t know where I’m going
Just passing through the wind and the rain
(I find a reason to believe that it will all be all right)
Glad they’ve got flowers growing

Vanessa, I love you
More than the others do
Swear it’s true
Believe me, believe me

The private life can lay you so low
(She sits alone and does her yoga on a mat on the floor)
Washed up without an answer
The best of friends, they come and they go
(He turns the TV down and listens for a knock on the door)
Darling, let me depend on you